Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Months and Counting

Last Friday we celebrated our six "monthiversary", the halfway mark of our first year of marriage. I think we've done pretty well, we seem to be fully household compatible! I thank my lucky stars that he is a very clean boy and I know he thanks his that I am slightly obsessive compulsive (all the labels must face forward and all the towels must be clean and folded/hanging properly at all times). The key to our domestic success started, I think, with our mothers. We were both raised in similar environments that coupled common sense with diligence. We respect each other's space and we respect our home. But I'm not going to lie: it helps that we have separate bathrooms!

Also, right from the get-go we established certain responsibilities in order to avoid resentment and hostility. Since I love cleaning, that is my domain, as long as he doesn't add to the mess, all is well. My husband's responsibility is the garbage and recycling. I do the groceries and cooking, and he does the bill paying.

We knew each other pretty well before we got married, but now we REALLY know each other. When you're just dating you get to see the final product, when you're both fully primped. When you're married, you get to see everything before the tooth brushing, face washing, nose hair plucking, hair straightening and nose blowing. It's awesome, there is now absolutely nothing that we don't know about each other's quirks, so the fact that we love each other more is astounding and extremely comforting.

I look forward to the many years to come, everyone tells us this is the easy part, so we are relishing and enjoying and taking everything one day at a time!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Land of The Rising Sun

My big sister lives in Tokyo. The only thing that could be worse than that right now would be if that statement read: My big sister lives in Sendai. Thank God she doesn't but my heart and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered loss. My sister hasn't slept very well since the big quake because of constant aftershocks and I haven't slept very well because I keep having earthquake nightmares. I've actually had Japan on the brain for several weeks now. As I am typing this post, I am sitting next to my big suitcase that is all packed and ready to go -to Japan. That's right folks, I am on my way to Tokyo in two weeks, I was originally planning to go in mid March but thankfully we decided that the end of March would be better, budget-wise. And yes, I am slightly obsessive complusive, so I pack my suitcases 2 weeks beforehand to see if my clothes, toilettries and in this case my sister's North American wish list, will fit properly. I am a very efficient packer, I never overpack or underpack and I fold everything so that every square inch is properly utilized if necessary. I even put my shoes in shoe bags and my undies in designated undie bags. My sister is also a bit OCD and safety oriented because she's getting me an earthquake pack for when I get to her house! It contains: a helmet, flashlight, knife, and sustenance. No matter what anyone says, I am looking forward to my trip and I can't wait to meet Japan and it's strong people! Thank you for yor prayers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Had Me At Rabbit

For many years now, I have been obsessed with a certain adorable, fluffy creature called the rabbit. This may have stemmed from the fact that I was born on Easter Sunday nearly thirty-two years ago and all my presents had something to do with bunnies. I got my first bunny, Hoppity, twelve years ago and my life was forever changed. After he passed I was traumatized and depressed for many years. In fact, when I think about him I still cry and miss him, which you might think is strange because I currently have two very cute balls of fuzz that share our apartment with us. I love my two crazies! Tidbit loves to run around at top speed, she's quite the alpha female and is always very curious about the goings-on of the household. Toby is my blind, one-eyed guy who also loves to run around albeit slowly, and crashing into things sometimes. Toby never stops eating EVER. Anyway, you know how I never make packaged macaroni & cheese anymore? Well, at the grocery store I stumbled upon something totally awesome that made me venture back into the world of pre-packaged food again. (Just for a bit)

That box on the right has actual bunny-shaped pasta!

Their mascot is a Toby!

And then after the grocery store, if you can believe it, I stopped in at the Urban Outfitters next door, and they had a table full of RABBIT CLOTHING. Well, as you can imagine, I just about lost my marbles from excitement and I proceeded to pull one of everything of the shelf and headed straight for the dressing rooms. I decided that this was the cutest one, plus it's French and looks like Tidbit without the spots.

 This isn't my only rabbit shirt.

So yeah, I guess one could say that I am a little rabbit obsessed, but hey, that's me, what can you do? *nose wiggle*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eight Eyes

My husband and I went to the optometrist last weekend, I definitely knew my husband was due because he's been complaining and speculating about his vision for the last couple of years and I had an appointment because they scheduled one for me when I went in for the allergy check. We walked out those optometrist doors as human beings who were changed forever. Okay, not really we just found out that we're both ever so slightly far-sighted and should use glasses for reading and computer use. This isn't exactly news of epic proportions, but I for one was completely shocked and a little upset. So much so, that I asked my husband to keep quiet about my prescription. Before the know-it alls step up and say, "what is your problem, this is not a big deal" I just wanted to explain that I can be a very competitive person sometimes (ok most of the time) and having been prescribed reading glasses makes me feel like I just lost, -in what, I don't know, life maybe? The eye lottery? I was making a big to-do about it when the staff at the optometrist's just laughed at me and told us that we have the mildest prescriptions of all time and that I should calm my body. That being said, after ruminating on this situation I have decided that I am totally going to own it and get the best, gosh darned reading/computer glasses a girl could find! My husband is really good at seeing the positive in everything because he's Polyanna Sunshine (why I married him) and he pointed out that this was a chance for me to have a new look, a new fashion accessory. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. So, this is how I would like to look:

I actually love the way I look as a bespectacled lady. Do you want to know the best thing about them other than helping my eyes? I miss my grandfather so very much but when I put glasses on, I can see his face in mine in the mirror.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ketchup Chips For President!

So sad that this is what I have been reduced to, a girl hugging a bag of ketchup flavoured potato chips. My husband was in Canada last week and there are two things that we always try to bring back from the Homeland: Premium Plus Crackers with salted tops (NOT the same ones in U.S.), and ketchup chips.

I had a little Twilight Zone moment at the grocery store in the junk food aisle when I first moved out here, or maybe it was more of a panic attack/drowning sensation when I realized that they didn't have the ONE chip flavour that I was craving. I don't eat chips all the time, but when I do have a hankering for them, it's usually for 1 of two kinds: Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavour or Lay's Ketchup Chips. They taste like my childhood and are so comforting, I often crave them once a month if you know what I mean. As for my husband, there are three things that he cannot live without, ice cream, Premium Plus crackers, and good, sharp cheese. Of course with our luck, two of those items can only be purchased in Canada. I can't even imagine what it must be like for my sister, living in Tokyo right now. It's no wonder she sent me a wish list the length of my arm for my trip out there at the end of the month! In any case, I am a very happy girl! Lilibeth: 1, Cravings: 0.