Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Months and Counting

Last Friday we celebrated our six "monthiversary", the halfway mark of our first year of marriage. I think we've done pretty well, we seem to be fully household compatible! I thank my lucky stars that he is a very clean boy and I know he thanks his that I am slightly obsessive compulsive (all the labels must face forward and all the towels must be clean and folded/hanging properly at all times). The key to our domestic success started, I think, with our mothers. We were both raised in similar environments that coupled common sense with diligence. We respect each other's space and we respect our home. But I'm not going to lie: it helps that we have separate bathrooms!

Also, right from the get-go we established certain responsibilities in order to avoid resentment and hostility. Since I love cleaning, that is my domain, as long as he doesn't add to the mess, all is well. My husband's responsibility is the garbage and recycling. I do the groceries and cooking, and he does the bill paying.

We knew each other pretty well before we got married, but now we REALLY know each other. When you're just dating you get to see the final product, when you're both fully primped. When you're married, you get to see everything before the tooth brushing, face washing, nose hair plucking, hair straightening and nose blowing. It's awesome, there is now absolutely nothing that we don't know about each other's quirks, so the fact that we love each other more is astounding and extremely comforting.

I look forward to the many years to come, everyone tells us this is the easy part, so we are relishing and enjoying and taking everything one day at a time!


  1. Wishing you all the best in the years to come..Blessings, Catherine

  2. Happy six months! The hard part is over.

    All the best from Mom & Dad in still snowy, freezing TO

  3. Thank you so much Catherine, you're very kind, I truly appreciate it!

    Thanks mom, I hope it warms up quickly. It's very warm and sunny here, it's very strange for me. In Montreal, March is snowstorm month!

  4. oh you guys are AWESOME!!!! congrats on the 6 month mark. :) good communication and compromise is always the way to go. We love and miss you guys. :)