Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Land of The Rising Sun

My big sister lives in Tokyo. The only thing that could be worse than that right now would be if that statement read: My big sister lives in Sendai. Thank God she doesn't but my heart and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered loss. My sister hasn't slept very well since the big quake because of constant aftershocks and I haven't slept very well because I keep having earthquake nightmares. I've actually had Japan on the brain for several weeks now. As I am typing this post, I am sitting next to my big suitcase that is all packed and ready to go -to Japan. That's right folks, I am on my way to Tokyo in two weeks, I was originally planning to go in mid March but thankfully we decided that the end of March would be better, budget-wise. And yes, I am slightly obsessive complusive, so I pack my suitcases 2 weeks beforehand to see if my clothes, toilettries and in this case my sister's North American wish list, will fit properly. I am a very efficient packer, I never overpack or underpack and I fold everything so that every square inch is properly utilized if necessary. I even put my shoes in shoe bags and my undies in designated undie bags. My sister is also a bit OCD and safety oriented because she's getting me an earthquake pack for when I get to her house! It contains: a helmet, flashlight, knife, and sustenance. No matter what anyone says, I am looking forward to my trip and I can't wait to meet Japan and it's strong people! Thank you for yor prayers.


  1. I am worried about you going too. Please be very careful and have a very safe trip. I know you will feel better to see your sister again though.

  2. Thanks mom. :) We'll see if I will have to postpone my trip or not. My sister says it depends on news within the next few days concerning the nuclear reactors. I hope that all will be well, not for my trip but for everyone who lives there. And it will make me feel infinitely better to see her!