Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ketchup Chips For President!

So sad that this is what I have been reduced to, a girl hugging a bag of ketchup flavoured potato chips. My husband was in Canada last week and there are two things that we always try to bring back from the Homeland: Premium Plus Crackers with salted tops (NOT the same ones in U.S.), and ketchup chips.

I had a little Twilight Zone moment at the grocery store in the junk food aisle when I first moved out here, or maybe it was more of a panic attack/drowning sensation when I realized that they didn't have the ONE chip flavour that I was craving. I don't eat chips all the time, but when I do have a hankering for them, it's usually for 1 of two kinds: Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavour or Lay's Ketchup Chips. They taste like my childhood and are so comforting, I often crave them once a month if you know what I mean. As for my husband, there are three things that he cannot live without, ice cream, Premium Plus crackers, and good, sharp cheese. Of course with our luck, two of those items can only be purchased in Canada. I can't even imagine what it must be like for my sister, living in Tokyo right now. It's no wonder she sent me a wish list the length of my arm for my trip out there at the end of the month! In any case, I am a very happy girl! Lilibeth: 1, Cravings: 0.

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  1. And Hershey chocolate is better in the U.S. and western Canada than in the east. It's much sweeter in eastern Canada.

    Try finding Old Dutch chips across in B.C. they're better out there.