Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frailty, Thy Name is Electronics

I was so excited about today's post because I had decided to tackle Nonna Yolanda's lasagna. That was my husband's maternal great grandmother. I cannot even begin to explain my giddiness at having inherited real Italian recipes, and I couldn't wait to start documenting the process! I was going to start by taking step by step pictures of the Bolognese sauce, and then eventually of the lasagna (while still keeping the recipes a secret, sorry folks), and then I went to go get my faithful little red Nikon. It refused to take a single picture. So I went to go get my husband's big SLR camera. It had no batteries. But because I am completely relentless, I decided to venture on with my project using my iPhone. It has no flash and the pictures are downright awful, but I don't care! At least I get to show you something, -even if the somethings are unidentifyable.

Vegetables for my Bolognese sauce

Here I have added the meat and the wine

Avec tomates and a pretty bay leaf.

Starting the lasagna!



It's done! Omnomnom
 Alright, the pictures may be mediocre but it was so fun to make and I'm not going to lie, even more fun to eat! It took roughly less than three hours from the first chop of the knife to the dinner table. It's one of those recipes that are so delicious that you wanna keep going back for seconds and thirds until it's too late and you are stuffed to the limit. (No, that is not what I did) This was the first lasagna I ever made, so I'm pretty pleased. I also wanted to show you what my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas (thanks mom!):

It's a scrapbook full of family recipes. It's the most beautiful thing I own.

I mean seriously, look how cute this is.
I'm going back to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning, and I wanted to bring the staff some cupcakes because they are just so adorably kind. I figure they have everything they need to clean their teeth with, might as well, right? Hehe.

May have gone a little overboard with the sugar.
Oh, and you may have noticed that the last four photos were taken with a slightly better camera. That is because Mr. Wilson came home and "fixed' my camera. Apparently I had switched my memory card into a lock position that prevented it from saving more pictures onto it. Maybe this post should be entitled: Incompetence, Thy Name is Lilibeth.


  1. I don't think your photos are mediocre, everything looks delicious to me!

  2. That's very kind of you to say Tammy, thank you! And I will be trying those incredible cookies of yours btw...

  3. I can't wait to eat looks so good I am drooling right make me lasagna and ill make you mousaka..mmmmmm