Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Introducing: Our living area!

Most of the people reading this blog are friends and family, so I feel comfortable posting a few pictures of our living space. Nearly all of you are on the East Coast, so you haven't had a chance to see our place yet! (Except through my Skype tours.)

Our living room. That's Tidbit's cage, you can almost see her in the bottom lefthand corner of the pic.

The dining area (the table can be extended to seat 6)

View from the entrance. I had that Toronto subway poster specially made.
There is also an office/makeshift guest bedroom, two bathrooms, master bedroom, and the kitchen of course!

Where the magic happens. (or more recently, the non-magic)


  1. I just noticed that you have the "w" from anthropologie, and I bought the "t" lol...why are we the same people.

  2. Nice transit poster. Where did you get it made?!? Transportation nerds (read: me) want to know.

  3. It looks great. What a beautiful apartment.