Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broken in Seattle?

In my haste to rush to the dentist yesterday morning for my filling, I kicked the door jam with my bare foot. It hurt so much that I saw white for a split second and it really didn't feel like pain that I could just shake off, like mind over matter. Well, I am pretty sure that it's broken. It still hurts just as much today and I was having trouble moving it this morning. There's no need to be alarmed, I know plenty of people who have broken their toes, all of whom were told by their doctors to take ibuprofen and elevate it, and stay away from high heeled shoes. See, this is where it comes in handy to have certain staples in your house, just incase you will be unable to walk! Yes, I am making light of the situation, but seriously, I'm fine. Yesterday, between all the hobbling around and frozen novocaine face business, I decided to make burgers for dinner. I just bought an adorable cast iron grill pan a couple weeks ago, and have taken every opportunity I can to use it, even for burgers! Burgers are a super delicious, inexpensive and easy dinner to make. It takes literally under ten minutes from prep to the table. Obviously, you can do much more complicated things to it to make it even yummier, but I like it it fast and simple.

Start with a pound or less of lean ground beef.

Add an egg or two, just to make it moist and stick together.

Being a Montrealer, I cannot live without this tasty seasoning and neither should you! Season liberally.

Mix in a tablespoon or two of bread crumbs.

Start making patties! Not more than half an inch thick.

Medium heat is more than enough for thin burgers on cast iron, 2-3 minutes each side.

Serve on a toasted bun, with a smear of mayo, dollop of ketchup, and yummy cheddar and lettuce!
Luckily for me the novocaine finally wore off in time for me to enjoy a juicy burger!


  1. Sorry to hear about your broken toe. Expect the burger was so good that Seattles best MS employee (code) ate well (as must be usual) and helped make it feel better.
    Is ecto-husband putting on weight?

  2. It's not fun, I don't like not being 100% independent and mobile! The doctor said I should be fine in several weeks. Brendan is so far enjoying my cooking, and no matter how hard I try, he isn't gaining weight! You two gave him some very good genes.