Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes A Girl's Gotta Do, What A Girl's Gotta Do

I am a total self-proclaimed domestic diva. As in, I love to do housework. I like for our house to always be very clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, I am always chipping my manicure while vacuuming or accidentaly ripping off a nail while replacing the bed sheets. Cooking and cleaning has really taken a toll on my poor hands, my nails especially, they have become dry and brittle no matter how hard I try to moisturize. I use the heavy duty stuff too, my favourite is the Vaseline Clinical Therapy Intensive Rescue. It works on my hands, just not so much for my nails, and I am constantly treating my cuticles with Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream.

One day, I discovered CND Shellac, and it was like a miracle! It's a new technology that is a "hybrid nail colour". It takes the same amount of time as a regular manicure, is only $5 more expensive, has zero dry-time, never chips, and lasts two weeks! It doesn't involve any scary smelling chemicals or glue or filing down of the top of your nail. It's just your natural nail with an awesome coat of durable colour. You can even remove it yourself after the two weeks is up, all you have to do is apply acetone soaked cotton balls to the lacquer, wrap it with foil, and it comes off in ten minutes. I love it, cause now I can do absolutely anything and my nails still look fabulous. I never used to get French manicures because they chipped off in one day, but look how pretty!

It stays like this for 2 weeks and because of the clear polish, the growth is virtually unnoticeable.

I realize that most women can't get manicures every two weeks because it's expensive, but if you are going to get one, might as well get one that lasts right? And us lucky girls in Seattle don't get charged tax on services, woohoo! Shellac is perfect because I can have the pampered princess look, while actually getting a lot of heavy duty cooking and cleaning done around the house. No more of that being-afraid-to-touch-stuff-because-I-just-got-a-mani ridiculousness!

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  1. so pretty!
    I am going to send you a picture right nowww of my mani! Just like the good ol days when you used to give me a manicure on our girl nights :)