Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Extra, Extra! Keener Newbie Chefs Get Lazy Too!

Have you ever heard of borsetti? Well, it has bumped both tortelini and ravioli off my pasta list. The people who know me best know that I like things instantaneously if they are: 1. Cute 2. Delicious 3. My bank account allows me to have it. Borsetti look like tiny drawstring bags of pasta, akin to tortelini, filled with meat and/or cheese and are extremely delicious. I would love to attempt to make them myself soon, but I need a pasta maker first. The bonus? They were on special at Safeway this week and they were made in Canada!

Borsetti photo shoot. So cute!

Lazy and mouth-watering lunch
These particular borsetti contained (are you ready for this?) roasted chicken, prosciutto and parmesan. My sauce? My best friend taught me this trick: I used two tablespoons of cream of chicken soup from a can, added sauteed onions, a bit of milk, 1 tsp of fresh ground pepper and parsley that I stole this from my rabbits). As easy as making a sandwich.

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  1. This pasta looks so yummy...can we buy some and eat it when I come visit...which I hope is soon?
    Your bf sounds like a smart lady :)
    hehe heart you