Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seattle Fine Dining

My husband and I decided to have a romantic dinner for two out on the town last Friday so that we wouldn't have to compete with all the Valentine's Day lovers on Monday night. Nothing kills romance like having to wait 45 minutes to eat. I don't know why so many people have a problem with Valentine's Day, I think it's a perfectly good day. People are going to buy and consume no matter what, so to those haters, shame on you for hating, just love! It doesn't have to be limited to your partner either, it's just a day for loving everybody, and if you can eat chocolate on that day too: bonus!

We don't really go out to eat because I love to cook, but there are a few places I've been dying to go to and one of those places is Assaggio. It's situated in downtown Seattle on what I like to call Tommy Douglas Corner. For all I know, it may actually be called this by Seatlleites because Tom Douglas' restaurants Lola and Dahlia Lounge are on this corner. Anyway, I kept my eyes peeled for him just in case we stumbled upon him so I could get his autograph for my cousin. We didn't see him, but we were fortunate enough to just walk into Assaggio on a Friday night and score a table for two at the front of the restaurant. Not only that, but we were greeted at the door by none other than Mauro Golmarvi, who is apparently the owner, chef, manager, Maitre D', and everything of Assaggio Restaurant. Seriously, this man must be an overachieving workaholic. And sweet, very, very sweet. Then for a full five seconds I thought we were sitting next to Bill & Melinda Gates, (we weren't) and there was also some famous guy at the table behind them, but I didn't want to stare so we didn't figure out who it was. The service was great! The appetizers and mains were thankfully, comparable to Toronto prices, the wine was excellent (Friulano wine), and they had this incredible olive oil/pepper/garlic concoction on each of the tables to enjoy with our bread that was divine! I should have asked them what it was now that I think about it. Oh well, next time. I was also praised for eating cannoli with my hands. I guess the hoity toity Seattleites use a fork and knife? I was a bit embarrassed when we left, because Mauro opened the door for us, and unbeknownst to me, he had walked out behind us as I enthusiastically exclaimed, "That man is the awesomest!" When I turned to look at my husband, I noticed Mauro grinning at me. I'm such a dork. Assaggio Restaurant: http://www.assaggioseattle.com/

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