Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots of Home-Missing

Being on the west coast, and experiencing the mildest winter of my life has definitely earned my respect for this area of the world. Even married life has proved to be rewarding and enriching, as cheesy as that sounds. (Going on five months!) But the fact of the matter is, we are alone out here and the people that we love are all very far away. One of my good friends has just recently become officially enagaged, and it kind of makes me sad that I can't celebrate their joy in person. Neither can I just call my aunt up and ask her if she wants to go to the Eaton Centre for a spot of shopping before a nice dinner, or get hijacked by my cousin to some fancy, fine dining establishment. What if there was an emergency? A couple months ago, my father had to be rushed to the hospital and stayed for almost a week, and all I could do was call his hospital room from three thousand miles away. My best friend just bought a new chandelier. I haven't seen it yet. I'm not complaining, I love that there is this whole new city that I get to explore with my husband, new people to meet, new things to learn and enjoy! But I do miss all of my family and friends. Very, very much. Just know that you are loved and missed.

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  1. Okay this made me tear a little.
    You are truly you would not even BELIEVE.
    Do you know I still wait for you to come visit me for coffees and girl nights?
    You are missed and loved so much.